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Many people and businesses find themselves in tax debt. It either came from a tax mistake, poor planning, or years of unfiled tax returns.
No matter how big or small your problem is, Bridge Tax Relief can handle it all,and offer an immediate solution, removing you from harm’s way.
Every case is different and strategically given a specialized resolution plan to ensure the work performed is held to the highest level of ethics with the best possible outcome to your tax problem.

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Wage garnishments and bank levies

Have you received a "Notice of Intent to Levy?" The IRS is the largest and most powerful collection agency. When notices are ignored the IRS can escalate their collection tactics and issue a levy preventing you from real estate transactions, freeze monies from bank accounts and or take from your paycheck. A wage garnishment is a form of levy.

An active levy can intercept money from your paycheck, and all streams of income for those self-employed or business owners. The IRS can even garnish monthly social security and disability income. Garnishments will not stop until the debt is satisfied in full or arrangements are made. It is crucial to contact Bridge Tax Relief right away and have your garnishment and levy released. In most cases, wage garnishments can be released before your next paycheck, and bank levies released within the 21 day freeze period. Only if you act right away, these services can be taken care of and settled.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

As part of a specialized tax resolution plan, CNC can be very advantageous to your tax problem. The Relief is immediate, and even though it does not eliminate your tax debt, if worked properly it can eliminate some if not all tax debt within time. CNC immediately seizes the collection process allowing you time to get back on your feet. Speak with a CNC specialist at Bridge Tax Relief for CNC options.

Installment Agreements & Payment Plans

If you are unable to pay your tax debt in full, the IRS will allow you to pay it over time by making monthly payments. Taxpayers often try to do this on their own and we advise against it as it could be a huge mistake. The IRS will collect and use information from the phone call to collect as much as possible. After all, you are speaking to a trained tax collector. Even though you agree to the payment plan, the plan can be too aggressive and cause hardship in the future. Letting our tax specialist from Bridge Tax Relief negotiate your payment amount and terms on your behalf can be a successful option and save you the frustration in connecting to the IRS.

IRS TAX Audit Representation

There are two types of audits conducted by IRS
- By Mail (remember timely response is crucial)
- Face-to-face Audit If the IRS audits your tax return, that means they want to take a closer look at your income and allowable expenses per recent tax law. Working with a Specialized Audit Representative at Bridge Tax Relief can help prepare the response for a mail-in tax audit or represent you at the face-to-face audit. Don't wait before it is too late to correct the IRS doubt on your tax return.

Contact Bridge Tax Relief immediately and seek representation to your pressing matter.

Revive your CA suspended business

When a California business is suspended, the businesses have lost all rights and privileges and cannot legally operate. In other words, the business is forced to close its doors and stop all business activities.

A suspended business cannot sue or defend itself in court or move forward in real estate transactions that are tied to the business. Banks can also suspend lines of credit awarded to the business.

Reasons why California would suspend your business? Unfiled tax returns that are tied to your EIN, payroll, and unpaid minimum business $800 plus penalties.Unfiled annual statement with California Secretary of State. Bridge Tax Relief solves the revivor in two phases. If handled correctly Bridge Tax Relief can revive your business immediately.

Additional Tax Relief Services

-Tax Preparation and Delinquent Tax Returns
- Penalty Abatement
- Tax Planning
-Tax Lien Discharge & Negotiation
- Innocent Spouse & Injured Spouse
- State & Local Tax Issues
- IRS Appeals


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